All items are made fresh the day of the order. The baking is best eaten in the first couple of days, however all things can be frozen. For best results freeze for up to 3 months in a concealed container

Focaccia, Cinnamon Buns and Bouwatsa: Simply reheat in oven at 200-225 degrees Fahrenheit until warm

Pies: Let thaw at room temperature. For fruit pies, they can be warmed in the oven on low. Pecan and pumpkin pie should not be reheated.

SourDough and Boule breads freeze excellently. I personally like to slice them up and then freeze in a large ziplock bag. This allows me to take out a slice at a time for either fresh bread for sandwiches or for a slice of toast. Can also be frozen whole and then reheated in low oven for a seemingly baked fresh loaf.

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